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How Gripping Technology Improves the Effectiveness & Enjoyment of Workouts & Work [Possibilities Keep Growing]

Although everyone who exercises prefers a different workout routine, every routine has one thing in common: listening to music while exercising increases performance level by delaying fatigue or increasing work capacity. Well-fitting earbuds make...

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How Can I Keep My Glasses from Sliding Down My Nose?

Regardless of your age, having a pair of glasses that rests comfortably on the bridge of your nose and doesn’t slide when you look down, or perspire to the slightest degree, can improve your quality of life tremendously.

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Three Areas of Opportunity for the Semiconductor Industry

As a manufacturer of dry adhesive material used to handle silicon wafers during production, my team and I pay close attention to what’s happening in the semiconductor industry. After attending Semicon West earlier this year, and after speaking...

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The Staying Power of Glass is Becoming Crystal Clear

As debate intensifies over the need for consumers to reduce their use of plastics due to recycling and disposal challenges, one thing is certain: glass will always be the preferred material for dynamic, optical and flat panel display...

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Demand Grows for Comfy Car Seat Coverings

The global automotive upholstery market is expected to be $7.75 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of just over 6.5%. As demand for automotive upholstery increases, so does the need for advanced technologies to operate and add...

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Preparation & Camaraderie are Keys to Enjoyment of Hiking

Hiking is a great way to relieve stress and re-gain perspective on life – not to mention great exercise and a wonderful way to enjoy the company of family and friends. One of the other attractive aspects of hiking is that it’s something that...

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Golf wearables can help to knock shots off your handicap.

With the weather warming up in many parts of the country, golfers are likely to be hitting the links in large numbers.

According to the National Golf Foundation, more than 20 million Americans play golf each year.  With advances in technology,...

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Athleisure increasing its presence on the fashion landscape

Now more than ever, fitness-conscious consumers, and especially young adults, are using as everyday apparel sportswear which had been worn exclusively in gyms for workouts. This category of clothing, known as Athleisure, a combination of the...

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Creative Problem Solving is Essential to Success

Although many people think that brainstorming and creative problem solving are the same thing, our experience suggests otherwise.

Creative ideas result more from perspiration than from inspiration. Einstein, da Vinci, Marconi, Ford, Goodyear,...

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Rising Cost Pressures Could Lead to a New Way of Thinking

As technology becomes more complex and competition more intense among semiconductor manufacturers, the traditional product development model of Design, Build, Price & Market is likely to be replaced by a strategy that’s more in step with the...

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