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Three Areas of Opportunity for the Semiconductor Industry

As a manufacturer of dry adhesive material used to handle silicon wafers during production, my team and I pay close attention to what’s happening in the semiconductor industry. After attending Semicon West earlier this year, and after speaking...

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Creative Problem Solving is Essential to Success

Although many people think that brainstorming and creative problem solving are the same thing, our experience suggests otherwise.

Creative ideas result more from perspiration than from inspiration. Einstein, da Vinci, Marconi, Ford, Goodyear,...

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Rising Cost Pressures Could Lead to a New Way of Thinking

As technology becomes more complex and competition more intense among semiconductor manufacturers, the traditional product development model of Design, Build, Price & Market is likely to be replaced by a strategy that’s more in step with the...

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Sometimes the Answer is Found in Nature

As your experience has probably told you, the best solution to a given problem isn’t always the most complicated one, and the best answer may not be something new. Bio-mimicry – the act of creating solutions to human problems or challenges by...

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