Sometimes the Answer is Found in Nature

nanoGriptech-gecko-blog1As your experience has probably told you, the best solution to a given problem isn’t always the most complicated one, and the best answer may not be something new. Bio-mimicry – the act of creating solutions to human problems or challenges by copying nature’s designs -- is a phenomenon that’s more common than you might think. For example, the design of Japan’s bullet train was inspired by the kingfisher bird, wind turbines have been modeled after humpback whales and ventilation systems have been based on termite mounds that use convection for cooling.

Reptilian Beginnings

In our case, we were inspired by the gecko, that lizard of car insurance commercial fame and Wall Street renown. (Remember the 1987 movie with Michael Douglas, whose character, a corporate raider, is named Gordon Gekko?) Specifically, our technology is patterned after the adhesive toe pads of a gecko (called setae) which allow the animal to adhere to surfaces cleanly without depositing any fluids, and without leaving any residue. This capability results from intermolecular attractive forces between the fiber tips and the underling surface. As a spin out of Carnegie Mellon University, we combine a passion for R&D with the desire to  help companies become more efficient and profitable.

Committed to Extensive Collaboration

In our experience, one size seldom fits all, so there’s a lot of customization that goes into the development of a given solution. We welcome those challenges because they keep us at the top of our game and allow us to remain passionate about what we do. Our nature (pun intended) is to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives and offer solutions in a timely manner because we know you have production schedules and other obligations that require expertise and action sooner rather than later.If you think that we can help you achieve higher productivity, a lower scrap rate and improved profit margins,
we’d like to hear from you.

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