Rising Cost Pressures Could Lead to a New Way of Thinking


As technology becomes more complex and competition more intense among semiconductor manufacturers, the traditional product development model of Design, Build, Price & Market is likely to be replaced by a strategy that’s more in step with the times. Specifically, manufacturers should:

  • Market – Determine if there’s a sufficient customer base for that great idea resulting from brainstorming, collaboration or a “eureka” moment
  • Price – Ask at least a half-dozen customers and prospects how much they would be willing to pay for the advantages of this new & improved chip
  • Design – Make a chip that meets customer specifications at a price point customers are willing to pay, based on your informal, yet statistically relevant, market research
  • Build – Manufacture a product profitably, and for which you already know there is sufficient demand

A Formula for Success

By following this process, you’ll strengthen or create relationships with an increasingly large base of customers. Whether your customer base is in Communications, Consumer Goods, Data Processing, Transportation, or any other sector, the fact that you’ve made an effort to obtain advice and feedback before investing large sums of capital in R&D, manufacturing and marketing can position you for growth more effectively than ever.

As your partner, we’re happy to give you our input on product design, as we’ve had extensive experience with customizing adhesives to meet specific parameters and can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Keeping Up with the Times

It’s pretty clear that the internet has shrunk the world considerably, especially when it comes to developing new business opportunities.

We hope you take advantage of this key feature of today’s business environment so that you’re always ahead of the curve and can prosper even when times get more challenging than they already are.

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