A Permanent Solution
for Temporary Bonding

Gecko Inspired Adhesives


We recently enhanced our microfiber gripping technology to make it an even better alternative to liquid spin-on adhesives. It requires no coating & baking tools, can use a standard lamination process, needs no curing and allows for mechanical de-bonding.

Other key advantages of our very low residue technology include:

  • Smaller Process Footprint
  • Higher Throughput
  • Lower CoO
  • Higher Yields

Be sure to visit us virtually at the International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference, October 13-14. You’ll learn how our temporary bonding dry adhesive tape can help you improve wafer level die packaging, die pick and place, wafer dicing, wafer thinning and singulation, as well as improve control of total thickness variation (TTV) on planar and textured surfaces alike.

In the meantime, tell us about your application…

Dry Adhesive Tape Process

Setex GeckoTape™-1